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Renewable Energy Stocks to Invest In – Best Green Stocks


I do not provide personal investment advice and I am not a qualified licensed investment adviser. I am an active day trader and investor. The views/commentary below are only my opinion. When it comes too making investments it is wise to do you’re own DD and seek the advice of a licensed professional. I am not being paid for links to the company’s listed below in any shape form or fashion. The links are strictly to assist you in performing you’re own DD when making decisions about investing while providing you the gift of time. If you represent a company or organization that would like to be included in this article or future articles please email me using the contact form. I’m always open too learning something new.

Introduction to the Green Stocks List & Learning

If you are considering trading then,”Welcome To The Thunderdome”. This is not the purpose of this article. There is a huge difference between active day trading and investing, they are not even close to the same. If you are looking for some trading ideas you may certainly find some here for the watch list. Just remember trading has nothing to do with the long term, only the when and now. Online stock market trading is not for the faint of heart nor for those who do not have the time to commit too learning the game. It takes REAL dedication to be successful.

Here we will discuss a few topics pertaining to renewable energy stocks’ to invest in and some of the best green stocks’ out there showing some promise. Remember, if you want the world to change you are the one’s that can make it happen by choosing too support these up and coming business’s with your dollars. Simply buying their products or services is not the only way too support them but it’s also a good start.

Disruptive Innovation – A Circular Economy In a New Green World

In our quest to find renewable energy stocks’ to invest in or simply the best green stocks’ we must first seek out those companies’s that are truly seeking or providing a disruptive product or service within their perspective areas. We are accustomed to hearing the world disruptive associated with technology stocks’. Please take note, this is not always and quite often not the case. Ideally the business we look for should focus their efforts from a cradle to cradle or “Circular Economy” perspective. Since we are talking about investing we are looking for products and services that we know will be around a long time to ensure we are truly looking at some of the best green stocks’ out there. First we will focus our attention on the best green energy stocks’ out there. If you know of one that should be placed in this article, please leave a comment below and I will absolutely do some DD and include it here.


Best Green Energy Stocks 2019 & Beyond & My Take On Solar Energy

I intentionally did not include a single solar company in this list for many reasons. Solar energy as cool as it may seem is in fact anything but that and will not in my opinion ever be a substitute for fossil fuels as it exists right now. When, you consider everything involved with solar, net zero is not achievable. Consider the raw materials it takes to create not only the panels, but the battery’s you need if you’re going off grid. The energy required to find the elements for these systems, manufacture the components which are mostly non recyclable, deliver the product, and maintain the product. From an investors’ perspective, I would stay far away from solar power for now, but as a trader there will be many opportunities. In summary, the use of fossil fuels as they are right now have less of an impact on our environment than what it takes to deliver a sub par solar system to the individual, or business. Since some feeling may get hurt here, I will throw out a couple within the solar industry I do like. ENPH FSLR TRNX TERP NEE The last 3 pay dividends. Because of this fact the last one I’ll offer up here that uses solar panels in their process so I could not include it below. However, despite the risk of such a young company and being an OTC stock, I believe it to be worth the risk at throwing a bill or two at it on the long. HYSR

There are some innovations in the works and will continue to be to improve the efficiency’s of solar power along with the impact it has on our environment. ALYI Printed Solar Panels – Organic – I can see the day when technology’s like these are realized, but until then, my money is on other methods of creating renewable energy that will be included in my list of the best green energy stocks’ of 2019 and beyond. Let’s get started.

Taronis Technologys NASDAQ: TRNX

I have been a fan of this first one for a few years now. Originally Magna Gas, they have changed the name and symbol. Day traders are very familiar with this ticker as it did provide quite the volatility, volume, and hype they generally look for and I’m certain this one will pop up on the radar off and on for a while. Regardless of charts and the opinions of day traders I believe this one really has a shot at making a difference. This company turns waste into a usable gas that is more efficient than acetylene and cleaner. Please view the process here as it will explain what it actually does, it’s pretty amazing. Water Decontamination Most people don’t think about this but remember, water is the new oil of the future.

General Electric NYSE: GE

Here is one everyone should be familiar with. “Brings good things too Life”. What they will bring back too life, is themselves. General electric has the staying power to make it through these times of change and started the progress quite some time ago ahead of the curve. To not include them here would be both negligent and wrong. Today’s price $9.34 is a very attractive entry point for most any budget and, they pay dividends. GE has done a great job through acquisitions and innovation getting itself into the renewable energy sector over the years. Wind power on shore, off shore, and hydro kinetics along with some solar and grid solutions with much more.

Vestas Wind Systems OTC: VWDRY

This one is one of the few pure plays in renewable wind energy. From their partnership with Tesla beginning in 2017 to their presence on various continents including emerging markets such as India, I believe this company shows great promise. They may still hold the title, “The Largest”, wind turbine manufacturer in the world and there are plenty of windy areas across the globe that could use a little Vestas. I believe it to be beyond speculative at this point and it is now in management’s hands to make it happen. Yes, this one also pays dividends.

Casella Waste Systems NASDAQ: CWST

Waste collections, disposal, and processing plays one of the largest roles of protecting our environment today. When you are doing your own DD, I highly recommend you did deep into this segment. What I like about these guys is their commitment too being as environmentally friendly as they can when it comes too waste collection and disposal. Let’s face it, we produce a lot of trash and there is nothing pretty about it, nor is it avoidable From their recycling efforts, site management, green energy production through the use of the gases produced from landfill gasses, this company is absolutely trying to do the right thing and making progress. Who would have thought a vast collection facility had a research and development department? Yes, a lot of them do. this one is special.

The Unmentioned

Approximately 3/4 of the worlds’ population and 40% of the US population live in coastal community’s. I wish I had a solid wave power stock to recommend but at this time it is practically 100% speculative, but with great promise. Great for day traders and speculators going forward. Check it out with some of you’re own DD. Keep you’re eye on this niche of the sector going forward. There are many ETF’s you can ask you’re financial adviser about that include this niche while diversifying your portfolio. Does wave power work? Yes. Wave power disadvantages currently outweigh the advantages. Do some DD and find out some wave power facts on you’re own. As I learn more, I will post. Stay tuned.

Geothermal investments are also not on the top of my list at this time as I believe the risks to be far greater than the reward over time. The only place(s) it makes sense is where there are tectonic plates and volcanic activity. Logically it COULD be that we are simply relieving the earth of pressure in these areas that could cause unwanted damage and the loss of life. Just maybe we are slowly displacing energy that would otherwise release it’self all at once. As with any new technology or process, or even a new law or regulation, you must first always consider unintended consequences or the “What If’s”. Hind sight is not something you count on, but incur.

Sustainable Stocks – The Green Stocks List


Ecolab NYSE: ECL

I love this company as a long term investment for many reasons including dividends. Ecolab is extremely diverse when you consider all of its subsidiaries. This stock should be part of everyone’s portfolio. Ecolab exceeds the expectations of working towards a cleaner environment. From water conservation and treatments that work to the many various industry’s they impact. Everything they do is with the purpose of realizing a cleaner earth. Ecolab has been leading the way for quite some time. Once again, keep in mind, water is the new oil.

Cisco Systems INC NASDAQ: CSCO

Cisco as you probably already know is an American leader in technology solutions developing and manufacturing network hardware, telecommunications equipment along with many other high-technology services and products. Not only are they a leader in the tech stocks’ arena, they are also originators of the green initiative globally and consistently deliver on their promise to make the world a cleaner, greener place too live. As an investor, this one is yet another dividend paying stock. I can not stress enough how important this is to include in you’re portfolio. Quote, “At Cisco, we believe environmental sustainability is critical for economies and for all global citizens. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving biodiversity and natural resources, and designing our products to minimize waste. These important actions are factored into every aspect of our business.” Through their verifiable policy’s, beliefs, and actions they mean it.

Waste Management NYSE: WM

This company should need no introduction, nor should it need to be explained. The name is exactly what they do and do it well. Not only are they efficient, but they have been around long enough to know all the ins and outs of the game. Strong player on a field of ever growing competition and innovation, of which they are leaders. Dividends are only a bonus here as the need for their services will only continue to grow along with the pay outs.

Promising Future Green Tech

Desalination I do not have a ticker for you that I would recommend at this point, however this is 100% a technology to keep you’re eyes on. People from the likes of Bill Gates have been working with company’s, non-profits, and engineers for years on perfecting this process of turning salt water (ocean) into clean drinking water in an energy efficient way. As I have stated over and over water is the new oil. This is one area to keep a very close eye on.

Kinetic Energy from Ocean Waves

Pacific Gas & Electric Company NYSE PCG Siemens AG OTC: SIEGY Ocean Power Technologies, Inc NASDAQ: OPTT

Harvesting Atmospheric Ions

Personally I am partial to this upcoming technology that could really change our future with energy on demand without the need for a storage solution. The potential is there, at this time it is also 100% speculation. What this comes down too is simply (or not) harnessing the power of a lighting bolt, before the strike. At this time I will not share any investments here as they are highly speculative and more in a realm meant for day-traders.

Conclusion – Go With What You Know

Some of the best green stocks’ to invest in will not always be renewable energy stocks’ to invest in. When it comes down too you’re hard-earned dollar going into green stocks’, you should always consult a licensed professional after doing your own due diligence. Know what you want before consulting. It would be nice to think the people we entrust to do these things for us have nothing but our best interest at heart. Don’t count on it. Whatever it is that you do now for income is in some way connected too sustainable practices which are the future. Try focusing on you’re expertise first to come up with you’re own ideas of potential investments. Think forward: demand, longevity, simplicity, and most importantly, think green.

I wish you happiness and prosperity.


How Can I Save Earth – The Little Things Matter

Green Plight – Introduction to Sustainable Living

Sometimes some of us are sitting there wondering.  How can I save earth?  Everyone, despite political alliance, wants to have clean air, clean water, flourishing trees, blue oceans and a future for ourselves as well as our children. Don’t believe the hype when you hear differently. We are all children of this world and no sound human being would wish for anything different. Unfortunately for us we are easily swayed or distracted by things that don’t really matter: Money, Goods, Services, Life Style, Greed, complacency, ability, stubbornness, and even spite. At the end of the day we are all imperfect human beings that really just want to love, and be loved.

Politics – Why the Green Wave Isn’t Happening

Personally, I”m politically neutral. I must point out politics puts the “Line in the Sand” between most of us with supposedly opposing views. Both sides here in the USA put us against one another and create an environment filled with hate and disgust. This is not an accident. Quit being sheep and be a Shepard. I’m not saying go out and overthrow the government here but lets just call a spade a spade. Ignore the news on all sides and just be who you are meant to be, human. Don’t hate one another over opposing views. At the end of the day you still want the same things.

Want to really make a difference and help stop pollution of all types and inspire innovation? Demand Term Limits. Remove the money from the political sphere and you will see many changes. Political office should not be a road to riches but a tour of duty. To fix a problem you must go to it’s source. By the way, before you get upset with the title here, “Why the Green Wave Isn’t Happening”, it’s not that some of us aren’t  trying, it’s that most consumers are not informed. Over half of the products out there claiming to be: Green, Sustainable, Eco Friendly, Earth Friendly, and so on, are not. They throw that label or tag on there ad or packaging because they know it will get your attention. How can I save earth can start with speaking up!  Let your representatives know you care.  Demand those company’s using such tags,ads, labels be legitimately confirmed.  (There are currently some valid ways to find out)  Know what you buy!

How Can I Be Sustainable – Easy ways to save the Planet

There are many everyday products you buy that do not break your budget. Buying green is one way each of us can have an impact on our environment. This is exactly what you can do to stop pollution. Stop contributing to the profit of those that choose not to care when there are Eco friendly products out there that meet the same need and around the same price point. Simply put, buy the right thing. Is really that simple. My objective here will be to have some fun learning something new, share the knowledge, find the right products, and help to create a change in our thoughts, processes, and purchasing decisions that will ultimately help answer the question, ” How Can I Save Earth? “.

We the consumers yield the only tangible weapon that matters on this earth as it is today, money. Everyone wants to save the planet but they typically don’t really know what is wrong with it, or how to fix it. All they know is what they hear on TV, radio, news, campus, web ads, or other means of distribution of PROPAGANDA! In the mean time they are contributing to the problem through their own actions or purchases.

Saving the Earth does not have to be as complicated as we make it sound.  Start with the basics. First, learn (seek knowledge) from multiple sources. Second, act on what you have learned as it applies to your lifestyle or routines.  Third, share your experiences and knowledge with willing participants.  It’s truly that easy.  You can do it!

Don’t be fooled

You see the pretty label with vibrant colors or lines that really just caught your eyes? Around those images you will also notice how perfectly placed the wording is that contains information about the company (usually it’s origins and perhaps a mission statement) and even the health benefits of it’s ingredients/materials. Typically, it would also include where those ingredients/materials are sourced if they are really trying to real you in. You may also notice unconfirmed statements or symbols related to recycling or other green initiatives. Moral, quit being a pawn and become a player in green living when it comes to where you spend your money. That is literally the easiest way to save the planet,  your money. How most people do not understand that is beyond me. That’s why I’m here. Help me help you help us. The amount of money, your money, being spent to figure out what makes us (the consumer) tick is absurd. I promise you they are damn good at it, thanks to us. The irony in the whole thing is we are generally oblivious to all of it, or simply don’t care only because in today s busy world we simply don’t have the time. My goal here is to provide you with “The Gift of Time”  while doing some leg work for you. 

Simple Green Living, Made Simple

Buy the right thing, subscribe to the right services, share your knowledge respectfully, and Listen-Learn-Understand others points of view. Seek knowledge. Do not accept any of what you hear as an absolute truth. When there is money and politics involved just know that things are never quite as they seem. After you have done your own due diligence, share the knowledge with those that will listen with passion, not anger, and always respect their opinion even when it differs from your own. You can change minds through logical debate but you can not change hearts.  Arguing closes the ears.

Do The Right Thing

KISS, Keep it Simple Stupid. Green living does not have to mean to give up everything or anything you worked hard to get in life. It does not mean you have to give up amenity‘s or luxuries you feel that you earned through the dedication to your job or sacrifices you made to obtain a certain “Lifestyle”. All it means is simply doing the right thing: Do not litter. Do not buy manufacturers products when there is a legitimate Eco friendly product available serving the same purpose in the same price point, use emails instead of letters, if you have to print something use recycled paper (flip it over use the back as well), Quit buying standard light bulbs, drop your thermostat in the winter and raise it in the summer simply by controlling the amount of sunlight coming through your windows as this will save you money. Seal your doors and windows at home properly and check those seals every year. Car pool when applicable, quit buying bottled water simply bottle it yourself and take it with you. Do not tell people they are losers or haters if they disagree with you (move on), Bottom line, it’s not that hard and takes almost no effort to simply do the right thing. You never have to be perfect, only aware. We are all human beings, and we all want the same things, clean air, clean water, and a clean earth.

Thank you for all that you do!

by: Bryan Dover

About Bryan

My Story

When I was 17 (1992) I was tasked with taking JJ, a friend of a friend home and also my classmate. We were somewhat typical teenagers having more fun than we should have been. To be honest I shouldn’t have been taking anyone home at all. However, I was the only candidate at the time who was only drinking beer if you know what I mean. Right when we left my friend Jays house I decided it was time for another beer. What I did not have was a bottle opener. I pulled over to the side of the road after only making one turn where I saw a fire hydrant I could use to pop the top off my Corona. JJ was not very happy about my decision but he went along with it.

I got back into the truck and proceeded to drive down the road towards his house. As I was driving he started to complain about the dangers of drinking and driving and that he didn’t want to get caught as we would both be in trouble if something wee to happen. Along the way I completely agreed with him and quickly downed my beverage. What he wasn’t expecting is for me to toss the bottle right out the side of the truck window. Was I in for a surprise. No sooner did the bottle leave my hand did JJ immediately demand that I turn the truck around and pick it up. He was obviously upset with my decision to litter. I must have driven another 2 miles before I couldn’t take the badgering anymore and decided to grant his request for my own sanity. After some screaming and arguing I finally made it back to the grassy yard right down the road from our original starting point where the bottle was retrieved and placed in the bed of my truck for safe keeping. JJ taught me a lesson that night, one I’ll never forget, and will always be grateful for. It’s the little things we can do for our environment that truly matter. You don’t need a lot of money to make a difference, only a little common sense. (I haven’t littered since and quite often find myself picking up others trash and placing in the back of….Yes….my pick up truck!

Why I Care

Welcome! My name is Bryan Dover and I created this site to try to make a difference in the world with the products we choose to purchase. Simply put, I do not have the money to change the world and our environment on my own. It takes all of us. Better Together. You do not need to be a hard core environmentalist to simply choose to “Buy the Right Thing”. Every purchasing decision we make can have an impact, regardless of how small. Businesses survive because of us, the consumer and employee. They also change. Without us, they do not exist. Don’t ever forget that.

Help Me Help Us

I want to help as I genuinely do care about you, about me, about all of us. I”m not one of those “The World is Coming to an End” kind of people. What I am is a person who believes we can make better choices for ourselves and our futures. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy for most of us. Buying the right thing is. It’s a click away, soon to be the norm on our grocery and department store shelves, with your help.

What’s the point?

My purpose here is to help guide you in finding practical everyday items we can all use in our everyday lives that can lead us to GREENER pastures and even some really cool new ways of making it happen. It’s up to us.

I’m Here For You

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out in any way I can.  If I don’t know, I’ll find out.  Know


Thank you for all that you do.

Bryan Dover



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