How Can I Save Earth – The Little Things Matter

Green Plight – Introduction to Sustainable Living

Sometimes some of us are sitting there wondering.  How can I save earth?  Everyone, despite political alliance, wants to have clean air, clean water, flourishing trees, blue oceans and a future for ourselves as well as our children. Don’t believe the hype when you hear differently. We are all children of this world and no sound human being would wish for anything different. Unfortunately for us we are easily swayed or distracted by things that don’t really matter: Money, Goods, Services, Life Style, Greed, complacency, ability, stubbornness, and even spite. At the end of the day we are all imperfect human beings that really just want to love, and be loved.

Politics – Why the Green Wave Isn’t Happening

Personally, I”m politically neutral. I must point out politics puts the “Line in the Sand” between most of us with supposedly opposing views. Both sides here in the USA put us against one another and create an environment filled with hate and disgust. This is not an accident. Quit being sheep and be a Shepard. I’m not saying go out and overthrow the government here but lets just call a spade a spade. Ignore the news on all sides and just be who you are meant to be, human. Don’t hate one another over opposing views. At the end of the day you still want the same things.

Want to really make a difference and help stop pollution of all types and inspire innovation? Demand Term Limits. Remove the money from the political sphere and you will see many changes. Political office should not be a road to riches but a tour of duty. To fix a problem you must go to it’s source. By the way, before you get upset with the title here, “Why the Green Wave Isn’t Happening”, it’s not that some of us aren’t  trying, it’s that most consumers are not informed. Over half of the products out there claiming to be: Green, Sustainable, Eco Friendly, Earth Friendly, and so on, are not. They throw that label or tag on there ad or packaging because they know it will get your attention. How can I save earth can start with speaking up!  Let your representatives know you care.  Demand those company’s using such tags,ads, labels be legitimately confirmed.  (There are currently some valid ways to find out)  Know what you buy!

How Can I Be Sustainable – Easy ways to save the Planet

There are many everyday products you buy that do not break your budget. Buying green is one way each of us can have an impact on our environment. This is exactly what you can do to stop pollution. Stop contributing to the profit of those that choose not to care when there are Eco friendly products out there that meet the same need and around the same price point. Simply put, buy the right thing. Is really that simple. My objective here will be to have some fun learning something new, share the knowledge, find the right products, and help to create a change in our thoughts, processes, and purchasing decisions that will ultimately help answer the question, ” How Can I Save Earth? “.

We the consumers yield the only tangible weapon that matters on this earth as it is today, money. Everyone wants to save the planet but they typically don’t really know what is wrong with it, or how to fix it. All they know is what they hear on TV, radio, news, campus, web ads, or other means of distribution of PROPAGANDA! In the mean time they are contributing to the problem through their own actions or purchases.

Saving the Earth does not have to be as complicated as we make it sound.  Start with the basics. First, learn (seek knowledge) from multiple sources. Second, act on what you have learned as it applies to your lifestyle or routines.  Third, share your experiences and knowledge with willing participants.  It’s truly that easy.  You can do it!

Don’t be fooled

You see the pretty label with vibrant colors or lines that really just caught your eyes? Around those images you will also notice how perfectly placed the wording is that contains information about the company (usually it’s origins and perhaps a mission statement) and even the health benefits of it’s ingredients/materials. Typically, it would also include where those ingredients/materials are sourced if they are really trying to real you in. You may also notice unconfirmed statements or symbols related to recycling or other green initiatives. Moral, quit being a pawn and become a player in green living when it comes to where you spend your money. That is literally the easiest way to save the planet,  your money. How most people do not understand that is beyond me. That’s why I’m here. Help me help you help us. The amount of money, your money, being spent to figure out what makes us (the consumer) tick is absurd. I promise you they are damn good at it, thanks to us. The irony in the whole thing is we are generally oblivious to all of it, or simply don’t care only because in today s busy world we simply don’t have the time. My goal here is to provide you with “The Gift of Time”  while doing some leg work for you. 

Simple Green Living, Made Simple

Buy the right thing, subscribe to the right services, share your knowledge respectfully, and Listen-Learn-Understand others points of view. Seek knowledge. Do not accept any of what you hear as an absolute truth. When there is money and politics involved just know that things are never quite as they seem. After you have done your own due diligence, share the knowledge with those that will listen with passion, not anger, and always respect their opinion even when it differs from your own. You can change minds through logical debate but you can not change hearts.  Arguing closes the ears.

Do The Right Thing

KISS, Keep it Simple Stupid. Green living does not have to mean to give up everything or anything you worked hard to get in life. It does not mean you have to give up amenity‘s or luxuries you feel that you earned through the dedication to your job or sacrifices you made to obtain a certain “Lifestyle”. All it means is simply doing the right thing: Do not litter. Do not buy manufacturers products when there is a legitimate Eco friendly product available serving the same purpose in the same price point, use emails instead of letters, if you have to print something use recycled paper (flip it over use the back as well), Quit buying standard light bulbs, drop your thermostat in the winter and raise it in the summer simply by controlling the amount of sunlight coming through your windows as this will save you money. Seal your doors and windows at home properly and check those seals every year. Car pool when applicable, quit buying bottled water simply bottle it yourself and take it with you. Do not tell people they are losers or haters if they disagree with you (move on), Bottom line, it’s not that hard and takes almost no effort to simply do the right thing. You never have to be perfect, only aware. We are all human beings, and we all want the same things, clean air, clean water, and a clean earth.

Thank you for all that you do!

by: Bryan Dover

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