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About Bryan

My Story

When I was 17 (1992) I was tasked with taking JJ, a friend of a friend home and also my classmate. We were somewhat typical teenagers having more fun than we should have been. To be honest I shouldn’t have been taking anyone home at all. However, I was the only candidate at the time who was only drinking beer if you know what I mean. Right when we left my friend Jays house I decided it was time for another beer. What I did not have was a bottle opener. I pulled over to the side of the road after only making one turn where I saw a fire hydrant I could use to pop the top off my Corona. JJ was not very happy about my decision but he went along with it.

I got back into the truck and proceeded to drive down the road towards his house. As I was driving he started to complain about the dangers of drinking and driving and that he didn’t want to get caught as we would both be in trouble if something wee to happen. Along the way I completely agreed with him and quickly downed my beverage. What he wasn’t expecting is for me to toss the bottle right out the side of the truck window. Was I in for a surprise. No sooner did the bottle leave my hand did JJ immediately demand that I turn the truck around and pick it up. He was obviously upset with my decision to litter. I must have driven another 2 miles before I couldn’t take the badgering anymore and decided to grant his request for my own sanity. After some screaming and arguing I finally made it back to the grassy yard right down the road from our original starting point where the bottle was retrieved and placed in the bed of my truck for safe keeping. JJ taught me a lesson that night, one I’ll never forget, and will always be grateful for. It’s the little things we can do for our environment that truly matter. You don’t need a lot of money to make a difference, only a little common sense. (I haven’t littered since and quite often find myself picking up others trash and placing in the back of….Yes….my pick up truck!

Why I Care

Welcome! My name is Bryan Dover and I created this site to try to make a difference in the world with the products we choose to purchase. Simply put, I do not have the money to change the world and our environment on my own. It takes all of us. Better Together. You do not need to be a hard core environmentalist to simply choose to “Buy the Right Thing”. Every purchasing decision we make can have an impact, regardless of how small. Businesses survive because of us, the consumer and employee. They also change. Without us, they do not exist. Don’t ever forget that.

Help Me Help Us

I want to help as I genuinely do care about you, about me, about all of us. I”m not one of those “The World is Coming to an End” kind of people. What I am is a person who believes we can make better choices for ourselves and our futures. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy for most of us. Buying the right thing is. It’s a click away, soon to be the norm on our grocery and department store shelves, with your help.

What’s the point?

My purpose here is to help guide you in finding practical everyday items we can all use in our everyday lives that can lead us to GREENER pastures and even some really cool new ways of making it happen. It’s up to us.

I’m Here For You

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out in any way I can.  If I don’t know, I’ll find out.  Know


Thank you for all that you do.

Bryan Dover



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